Is it safe to go to Mexico now ? (Updated 2023)

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We're avid travelers that go frequently to Mexico. At least twice a year.

We've visited 28 of the 32 states so we've got plenty of personal experiences and a bunch of anecdotes. And let me tell you, once you're there you're gonna realize the news exaggerate quite a bit. Mexico is quite safe if you take the necessary steps to make your traveling around the country easy.

Is it safe to go to Mexico in 2023 ?

So to answer the question. "Is Mexico safe to travel?" the answer is "Absolutely yes, but it depends..."

So let´s explore 3 of the most typical scenarios:

Traveling to Cancun or nearby areas (a.k.a the safest touristy option)

If it's your first time in Mexico you might be considering a place such as Cancun, which is quite typical.

The area which includes Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Bacalar and all of the Quintana Roo state is quite safe for tourists and a lot of people speak english.

What not to do around Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula ? As with every place filled with tourists the risks are the same, you're gonna get exposed to pickpockets, people looking to scam you (sell overpriced tours) and local dealers selling to tourists looking for a high, so if you watch out for those you'll be safe. Never buy stuff in lonely alleys, watch you're belongings and if you like late night partying don't go out alone.

cancun riviera maya
cancun riviera maya

Traveling to Mexico City (Safe, authentic and less touristy)

If you're more experienced you might be considering a less touristy part of Mexico, probably something more traditional where you can enjoy the people, the culture and the food. (Believe us, the food outside of Cancun area is orders of magnitude better)

A lot of states can provide you this experience. But let's focus on Mexico city since its the second most visited place in the country. (Similar tips apply to the other big cities in Mexico such as Guadalajara or Monterrey)

Mexico city is huge, and your experience will vary a lot depending on where you're staying. And as with any big city the biggest concerns are security and traffic. So our main tip is: Choose carefully where you're gonna stay, make sure it is a good neighbourhood well connected to the places you want to visit.

Mexico city is quite safe and clean in the central areas. If it's your first time here, we recommend some uncomplicated places such as Reforma, Condesa, Colonia Roma, Polanco, Anzures and finally Colonia Centro - which we wouldn't recommend a lot but we've heard a lot of good experiences.

Outside of those neighborhoods or colonias your experience will vary a lot depending on how you transport.

A lot of pickpocketing occurs in the Metro (Subway) and metrobus. So try to avoid the peak hours and you'll be fine. Otherwise transport using Uber or any other taxi app.

Unlike many European cities, walking at late hours is not recommended at all in the city. So try to always move by car or taxi, even if your location is close by. We always preferred paying 3 - 6 USD (100 pesos) in taxi even for close locations.

mexico city
mexico city

What about the rest of Mexico?

Mexico is big ! So it really depends. But as a general rule while traveling the rest of mexico. Stay on the main roads, these roads have a toll you need to pay for every now and then, but they are the safest.

Learn some spanish. Read the local news. How safe a town is varies from season to season and by year. We've been in situations where people have told us a town is safe to go to and when we travel there a few months later we ask the locals, just to be told a shooting just happened last week.

Security is still an issue. But more than 100 million people live in Mexico everyday, most of them without trouble, which means you're likely to be safe as long as you're careful and not too flashy.

We say this not to scare anyone, but to inform people of the reality of the less known places. The people are amazing, you'll be absolutely welcomed and treated nicely, you will probably try the best food you've ever had.

In the future we will be writing about how safe are different places and go around Mexico, so stay tuned.

rural mexico
rural mexico

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