Why Chonki.ai?

While traveling we'd like to submerge right into adventures, culture, history and amazing food.
We say NO to irresponsible traveling and tourist traps.

We want people to share and get more out of their travels.
To enable and inspire others to have the same eye opening experiences they've had.

Our solution is community

We created a community of world explorers. A place to share, discuss and enjoy together the marvels traveling around the world can bring.

Chonki.ai is a community where you can share and find truly authentic places to feel like a local, discover places and earn while enjoying and appreciating the culture around you.

We've built it to help us and our friends plan perfect trips and get their best of their adventures.

Who are we?

We are a group of travelers who believe that travel is a force for good.
Travel allows us to understand, interact and respect different people and cultures which will eventually lead us to share this world together in a balanced and peaceful way. Travel is a way of personal growth.

Travel is the way for "mutual understanding"

Inspire others find your tribe

You can browse the places people have been to and create your own once you're inspired enough.

If you're an expert traveler you can just go ahead and share and inspire others with your content by showing them the places you've been. Add your notes and share your special insights.