Top 10 AI travel planners

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As avid travelers we are always looking for a way to make our travel simpler, find new spots to go to, hidden gems and cut down the time spent on planning so we can spend more time on adventure.

Here at we have our own AI based travel planner, it let's you build custom itineraries based on where you are traveling to and for how long. You can expand them based on your own preferences and even get inspiration from our travel community.

For example: This is how a 1 week trip to Mexico looks like

But while can be great, we now it cannot do everything and there are many tools out there we like. So we took it to ourselves to hunt some AI based planners so you can also play around. Here is our list.

AI travel planners list:

WonderPlan - For us Wonderplan is the most advanced AI planning tool available. It is our go to tool for planning when we're not using

Alcotravel - This one is probably our favorite. You can use a base itinerary to get inspiration on your travel and from there add extra places. If we didn't already use we'd definitely be using this :))

Travel Plan AI - is a trip generator like that helps you plan your next trip and generate your travel itinerary in a few clicks

Aitinerary - is also similar to travel planner, it is an AI-powered travel itinerary assistant to create personalized travel plans.

Travelities - With its advanced AI algorithms, the tool can recommend travel plans that match your preferences, budget, and travel goals.

Roam Around App - It is a pay per itinerary app based on ChatGPT-4 which can give you a nice looking generated itinerary

Traivl - With Traivl, you can also create travel plans tailored to your preferences.

Getaiway - is an AI-powered travel planning service built with no-code which seems basic to us but it does the trick

UseVacay - It's a chatbot that will assist you on your travels and give you suggestions

So there you have it ! On your next trip you can save hours in planning your travel using or any other of the tools listed here.

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